Running OpenVPN on TomatoUSB

Some quick technical notes on setting up OpenVPN in TomatoUSB and using an Ubuntu (12.10) client:
– Use the more laborious TLS auth (requiring certificates and such) instead of static key. Static key sounds like it should be easier. But at least with my Ubuntu client, TLS has the significant ease-of-use advantage in pushing the proper network config to the client; whereas static key left me disconnected.
– I used the OpenVPN for network manager package on the client.
– I had to use TCP (configured in both the server and client).
– I had to set the client’s HMAC authentication to SHA-1. Note that the server has “Extra HMAC auth” set to Disabled.

OpenVPN on TomatoUSB makes for a great personal VPN solution when you’re at a coffee shop, etc.


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